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Wedding Videoography

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Examples of our Cinematic Highlight Style

In addition to recording your full ceremony and the most important events of your reception, we edit your wedding and reception video using motion picture/story-telling techniques. This involves taking the most important parts of your ceremony and other aspects of your day and weaving them together to tell the story of your day. We edit in cutaways of your decorations, candids of important people, voice overs where the couple and family share what the marriage means to them and background music to tie it all together.

Examples of our Journalistic Style

(we record your wedding and reception as it happens)

Above 2 examples are complete wedding ceremonies using 2 cameras.

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Video brings out the emotions in a way that no other medium can. We offer quality coverage using HD digital equipment and wireless microphones, so the picture and the sound quality is far superior to home video. Plus, our two camera coverage adds an even more professional dimension to your wedding. We video the ceremony and other important parts of your day from start to finish and you receive a DVD of those events. Plus our packages include a highlight video using cinematic/filming techiques with background music, voice overs from important family members, and editing to tell the story of your special day that can't be captured or portrayed any other way.

We have been offering video coverage of your wedding and reception as a companion to our photography for over 17 years.

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